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A tribute to Barry Albin-Dyer 1951 - 2015 FA Albin & Sons

Barry Albin-Dyer, for over 30 years the Chairman of FA Albin & Sons Funeral Directors, sadly passed away in 2015.  He was a man of great compassion and charity, including towards parents whose babies died before reaching full term. Having recently learned of the help that this man gave to such parents, we wanted to re-print here a part of one of the many tributes paid to him.

"Barry fought through acres of red tape to get a place where local people could be laid to rest. Even more importantly,thanks to Barry, parents of babies who died before they reached full term now have a place where they can visit their lost children.  Astonishingly it used to be common practice that hospitals would bury numerous nameless babies in unmarked graves.  When a woman came to Barry one day to ask for his help in tracking down where her baby might be buried, he could not help her, and that would not do.  He set about creating a space where parents going through such a terrible loss at local hospitals could lay their precious babies to rest free of charge.  Jon told the news that just hours after Barry died, a "young kid in a hoodie" came to Albin's with flowers. When his estranged girlfriend had a miscarriage years ago, they had come to Barry for help. "He told me that Dad had sat them down and given them a place in the garden and he'd never forgotten him' said Jon. "It's things like that that just really get you."  The memorial service held in the garden every December attracts thousands of local people to come together for one night and remember their lost loved ones.  When Princess Anne came along in 2009, three thousand people attended and had to spill out into Southwark Park.  For Barry, this was nothing to do with business, it was all about giving something back.  "A company doesn't exist in a vacuum. It is part of the local community," he once wrote. "And I believe it has a responsibility to contribute in some way to making that community a better place to live in." "