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Eastenders' storyline on puerperal psychosis

Our counsellors have been very impressed with the storyline currently being run by Eastenders about puerperal (also known as Post-Partum) psychosis. The character Stacey, a new mother who also suffers from bi-polar disorder, has been suffering from puerperal psychosis. The team here felt that the way the storyline has been handled, with great sensitivity and accuracy, has helped to raise wider public awareness of this little-understood condition (it is not just a case of baby blues or even post natal depression). In particular, the storyline has highlighted the importance of mother and baby units in hospitals - the fact that Stacey was admitted to hospital without her baby added to the trauma experienced by her and her whole family. Eastenders took a great deal of trouble researching this storyline, inviting two really great mental health charities (MIND and Action on Post Partum Psychosis) on set to advise on the storyline. Well done to everyone involved.