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Recent legal case exposes struggle faced by parents in accessing help

You may have seen reported in the news recently that in September this year, the Family court heard the "desperately sad" case of A Local Authority v The Mother & Anor, involving care and placement orders for a five-month-old girl. The judge's moving judgment expresses his frustration at the all-too-common situation whereby struggling parents are not given the support or therapy they need to be able to care effectively for their children.  

 CPCP is a service that provides help to those facing difficulties, for whatever reason, with early-years parenting and clients may either be referred to us by other parties, such as GPs, or may make contact with us directly themselves   We can work together with the local council, social services, schools, midwives, support workers and educational psychologist as part of a multi-disciplinary team. We have seen how together such teams have made a huge difference to the lives of those struggling with parenting in the contexts of insecure housing, addictions, domestic violence, post-natal depression and combinations of these and other factors.  The help is transformative and we have seen clients grow into fantastic parents.    If this is an issue that affects you, please feel free to get in touch with us directly - contact details are on our website. 

 For those interested, further commentary on the case itself can be found here: