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Unplanned Pregnancy

A woman, on discovering that she is pregnant at a point or situation in her life at which she had not planned for, is immediately faced with a barrage of emotions. Alternatively, she may be paralysed by fear and indecision and unable to think about her situation at all. In addition, she may be faced be experiencing conflict with her husband, partner, lover or family members about what has happened and what she should do. The legislation in the UK provides for a choice but a woman has only a certain amount of time to reach a decision. For her, this is a vulnerable and often lonely time, which entails a difficult decision-making process.

For each and every woman who is undecided about whether to continue her pregnancy, informed consent is the key to the decision-making process. Informed consent means that a woman has all the relevant information to hand, whether medical, emotional or psychological, before making her decision. It is only when a woman has all the information and an opportunity to think about the outcomes of her possible choices that she is able to give consent in the decision-making process. If a woman feels compelled to make a decision in the absence of any of this information, there may be a greater risk that later on she will feel that she did not have a choice in the matter. This in turn may increase the risk that she will suffer adverse psychological consequences. 

CPCP provides the opportunity for those who find themselves in this situation to discuss it with a trained professional who has the capacity in a non-judgemental manner to facilitate a deeper understanding of the emotional and psychological processes that are being experienced. CPCP is unique in that its counsellors and therapists are able to help its clients to understand the impact of their life history and deeper underlying mental and emotional issues, as well as their current circumstances and aspirations for the future, on their feelings about their pregnancy. They help them to identify and come to terms with the known and unknown reasons for their ambivalence or contradictory emotions about their pregnancy. In this way, they enable the client to identify the facts and emotions that are key to her decision and separate them from others that may, for example, still be present even if she was not pregnant. CPCP’s therapists and counsellors are there to support their clients regardless of the decision that they reach, whether that is to continue the pregnancy or to terminate it. Whilst in the latter event, as they are not able to offer medical advice, they will refer the client to her GP, they are able to continue to offer emotional and psychological support, either on a long- or short-term basis, throughout and after it. For clients that decide to continue their pregnancies, CPCP’s therapists and counsellors offer continuing support throughout the pregnancy and after the birth.

In situations of unplanned pregnancy, men can very often feel as though they have no say in what is happening. They too experience the same emotions and pressures as their partners but feel that there is no one that they can turn to. CPCP is equally available to men and to women and is able to offer appointments with a male counsellor should a client prefer this. CPCP also sees couple together in situations of unplanned pregnancy.

Clients who have come to CPCP in a situation of unplanned pregnancy have told us about how important it was for them to have a safe and confidential space, with time and at their own pace, sometimes with their partner, to process their thoughts and emotions at this difficult time and many have commented that it has been a ‘lifeline’. CPCP is committed to making this space available to all who may need it.

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